Three sensors in one
level | depth | temperature


Not an ordinary level monitor

  • Ultrasonic level measurement (above water)
  • Narrow beam angle
  • Pressure sensor depth measurement (under water)
  • Integral temperature sensor
  • Modbus communications
  • ATEX certified


Affordable, accurate and reliable

LIDoTT® combines level, depth and temperature sensors into one compact device, resulting in an affordable, accurate and highly reliable water level monitoring solution. LIDoTT® delivers high-quality data throughout normal dry-weather operating and either wet-weather or blockage induced surcharge conditions.

Ultra low maintenance

Simple to install and ultra-low maintenance by design, the LIDoTT sensor requires no external atmospheric breather.
ATEX certified, the sensor is designed to be installed 150mm above the top of the pipe and has an operating range of -20°C to +60°C.

The power to communicate

Get the data when and where you need it. LIDoTT communicates using a number of serial protocols including Modbus and NB-IoT. The LIDoTT® Smart will work in conjunction with DetecAnalytics. The more monitors placed around the sewer catchment, the more live data is input into the system. Because LIDoTT® delivers reliable, high-quality data points which help to clearly define the normal and abnormal behaviour of the network, the greater the machine learning capacity will be, leading ultimately to more accurate predictions on what will happen next.

Three sensors in one

Pressure sensor

With optional ranges of 3.50 or 10.00 mH2O. This sensor deals with exceptional Depth measurement. LIDoTT® delivers seamless transition from Level measurement (using its Ultrasonic sensor) to Depth measurement – using its Pressure sensor. The pressure-sensor is activated and measures rising depth BEFORE the Ultrasonic sensor blanking distance (dead-band) is reached.

“In Air” Temperature sensor

Used primarily to correct the Ultrasonic distance measurements for changes in air temperature which affect sonic velocity. Air Temperature can also be delivered to the datalogger as a measured parameter.

Ultrasonic level sensor

To accurately determine Level during a wide range of operating conditions. This sensor will reliably detect subtle changes in “normal” operating conditions – accurately delivering, for example, small silt-induced variations in Depth of flow.

Compare models

 LIDoTT Sensor
Now Available
LIDoTT Switch
Coming Q3 2020
LIDoTT Smart
Coming Q4 2020
Ultrasonic Range0-1.5m0-1.5m0-1.5m
ATEX ratingZone 0Zone 1
Connectivityconnects to any compatible dataloggerIntegratedNB-IoT
WITS enabled
Data loggingin-built alarm managerin-built logging

help me choose

LIDoTT is versatile enough to meet the needs of your business. How will you use it?

Sewer monitoring

Deploy in large numbers to provide continuous data dry and wet weather conditions for better network visibility.


  • LIDoTT Sensor
  • LIDoTT Smart

flood insurance

Help alleviate flood claims in homes and businesses with a flood alarm at the bottom of the garden


  • LIDoTT Switch

Tidal monitoring

Reduce the cost of monitoring and manage saltwater ingress into the wastewater system.


  • LIDoTT Smart

Tank level monitoring

Live remote monitoring for industrial applications with alarm notifications for critical thresholds.


  • LIDoTT Sensor
  • LIDoTT Switch

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