MSFM S2U ultrasonic flow meter

The MSFM S2U is a versatile ultrasonic water flow meter, ideal for use in open channels or partially-filled pipes. The MSFM S2U ultrasonic flow meter offers accurate monitoring of raw sewage, industrial effluents and storm waters. It comes with automatic GPRS data retrieval as standard and can be used anywhere in the world with a 2G network.

In environments where storm overflow monitoring is required, the MSFM S2U has a standard input for an ultrasonic water level sensor to be added. This configuration is used extensively across sewer networks in the UK.

Being battery powered, the MSFM S2U can be deployed in remote locations and challenging environments. It requires minimal maintenance and provides the most accurate flow measurement available.






three heads are better than one

Thanks to its custom-designed antenna which improves signal sensitivity in underground locations, the MSFM S2U records flow data from three sensor inputs. Information on the water level, velocity and Aux Level (CSO) readings can be taken at regular intervals between 1 and 60 minutes. This is then sent to a host computer via SMS or GPRS at a user-defined frequency (typically once a day, once a week or once a month).

The water level sensor uses patented algorithms to reliably determine the time required for the sound wave to reflect back onto the sensor, compensating for speed of sound change with temperature.

Intelligent Electronics

The Multi-Sensor Flow Meter optimises the flow measurement process for minimal power consumption. The area velocity sensor uses evolutionary Doppler processing technology to ensure accurate measurement.

Flow data is transmitted and accessed through Detectronic’s cloud based portal, DetecData. The software enables users to complete advanced water analysis, verification and to configure alarms to be sent to field support staff. DetecData gives you access to your flow data at any time, anywhere.

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product specifications

Velocity Sensor – Dual Piezoelectric Elements
Range: 0.03m/s to 4.00m/s (resolution 1mm/s)

Depth Sensor (Hydrostatic Pressure) 
Range: 0.0m to 6.0m (resolution 1.0mm)

Optional Level Sensor 
Range: 0.0m – 3.00m (with 200mm deadband)

Optional Depth Sensor (PTI) Pressure Transducer Interface
Ranges available between 0-3m and 0-100m

Data Logger and GPRS/GSM Communication
Recording interval programmable between 1 minute and 1 hour

Main Sensor Power Supply and Operating Capacity
12V ATEX Li-ion rechargeable battery pack

Alarm Dial Out
High/low threshold and profile alarms

Additional I/O
2 analogue/digital input channels and 1 pulse output

Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
Protection: IP68/NEMA6P

SIRA 12 ATEX 2110X Ex II 1G Ta -40°C to +60°C
IEC Ex SIR 12.0044X Ex ia IIB T4 Ga Ta -40°C to +60°C

The MSFM is a fantastic piece of kit. Its a workhorse that delivers accurate data consistently – unlike some of the cheaper imitations around which need constant attention.



case studies

Sedgemoor council flood prevention

Flow monitoring project to deliver telemetry and log water levels

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Heapham lake and severn trent water

Helping  prevent sewage leaks at sites of special scientific interest

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Brewery wastewater monitoring

We teamed up to help a Yorkshire brewery better understand their wastewater network

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