Category: wastewater management

waste water sewer network predictions

As the Environment Agency (EA) has described water companies’ efforts to protect the environment as “simply unacceptable”, it seems an opportune time to highlight that one of Detectronic’s key objectives is, and has always been, …

Managing storm overflows in AMP 7

Maintaining a good reputation is key for any business and none more so than companies that operate in the UK water industry. In such a highly regulated sector, Water & Sewage Companies (WaSCs) understand only …

Monitoring Flow to Full Treatment and Pass Forward Flow at wastewater treatment works

As we enter June 2019, UK water companies may well be reminded of the press release issued last June by DEFRA. “5 billion investment by water companies to benefit the natural environment”. In this communication …

Machine learning helps wastewater management

By Oliver Harrison, Sales Engineer Introduction Water authorities aim to transport waste water as cost-effectively as possible. Analysing the performance of the sewer networks is key for identifying potential issues developing in the sewer network …

Improving resilience in Amp7

‘Resilience’ and the delivery of ‘resilient’ water and wastewater services is one of the key words when it comes to preparing for AMP7 and resilience is a word that we’ve used for many years here …

The impact of building houses on the sewer network

By Phill Tuxford It is estimated that Britain needs around 300,000 new homes annually to meet demand and solve the present housing crisis. So, as the Government, authorities and developers look to deliver a sustainable …

Inflow and Infiltration

Like many countries, the UK has an ageing sewer system with many parts deteriorating and in desperate need of repair. Older parts of the sewer network may be part of the Victorian combined sewer, whereas …

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