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The Great Flood and future predictions

By Rev’d Dave Walker, Commercial Director Did you know that the earliest recorded flood is that of the Great Flood detailed in Christian Bibles, Torah and the Quran? I was, therefore, amused when our channel …

Top tips to keep your quality sensors working

Analysing the characteristics of your water quality is essential for anyone with a trade effluent consent agreement. Once you’ve installed the equipment, it’s important to keep those sensors well maintained, to ensure the information they’re …

Impact of floods, hurricanes and storms

What happens to the water network in the wake of hurricanes and floods? Just days after Hurricane Harvey dumped over 50 inches of rain on the American state of Texas causing the deaths of 60 …

Switching your water supplier – is it easy? Pt2

By Phill Tuxford Technical Support Manager Following on from part one, this is the second part in our investigation into just how easy it is to switch your water supplier. In March 2017, we began …

Can storms benefit the sewer network?

By Kat Hargreaves Data Centre team leader and analyst Over the last six months, we have experienced five separate named storm events here in the UK: Angus: November 2016 – Max. rainfall: 97.3mm/hr Barbara: December …

Switching your water supplier – how easy is it?

PART 1: By Phill Tuxford April 2017 signalled a commercial first in the UK water industry with businesses and organisations being given the opportunity to pick and choose their water supplier. The retail water market …

Don’t let raw ingredients go to waste

Managing trade effluent No good comes from failing to control the bad stuff; many companies are unaware of the environmental damage and big fines they will face if site effluent is not disposed of appropriately. …

Save money on waste water and trade effluent

Accurate monitoring and measurement equals savings for Commercial and Industrial businesses Leading flow measurement experts, Detectronic, are helping commercial and industrial businesses to save money on their wastewater and trade effluent charges using state-of-the-art monitoring …

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