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Working in partnership to reduce
and prevent pollution

Full circle network management.
Helping you reduce flooding, prevent pollution and save money

Waste Water Network Monitoring

Detectronic is a specialist supplier of waste water network monitoring systems. Delivering real time monitoring solutions with near real time analytics which help our Customers to reduce flooding, prevent pollution and save money.

The difference between successful early intervention and network failure.

Meters, Monitoring and Management

Full Circle Network Management – using products and information to understand and meet your needs!

Installation of Detectronic network monitoring products and systems enables your stakeholders and operational teams to integrate and respond to information effectively.


  • The many live Network Monitoring Services we provide for our Clients consistently deliver a positive Cost to Benefit Ratio (CBR) of +1:20 or more
  • Detectronic delivers services which protect Brand Image and reduces the risk of injurious costs associated with flooding, pollution and financial penalties.
  •  Detectronic Live Data Services  =  Intelligent Network Monitoring and Informed Decision-Making.

This means that you can:

  • Improve Compliance
  • Drive Down Costs
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

Detectronic helps you to get it right and eliminate avoidable costs.

At Detectronic it is our mission to provide you with the most robust and cost-effective network monitoring system available anywhere in the world today. Comparing near-real-time data with historical site data our highly skilled analysts can quickly identify what is happening in your sewers and drainage networks and respond accordingly with intervention recommendations.

Full Circle Flow Control

Your Guarantee of Network Quality Assurance
With our help, you can benefit from all of the Detectronic flow
and level measurement and analytical systems available – and rest
assured that there will be no false alarms, just solid, dependable
data intelligence to help improve the operation of your sewerage
networks. Guaranteed.


The History

Since the mid-1970s members of our design team have been continuously involved in the development of sewer monitoring products and services, working with water utilities, their suppliers and leading waste-water flow survey specialists


Systems and Services

Systems and services include:

  • Specialists in the design, manufacture, marketing and maintenance of Sewerage Network Monitoring equipment from simple Level Monitors through to sophisticated Multi-sensor velocity-area Flow Meters.
  • MSFM Flow Measurement Systems offer built-in GPRS remote data communication as standard throughout the range.
  • Independently assessed by Sira Test and Certification Ltd and certified to both ATEX and IECEx international safety standards for use in Zones 0, 1 and 2 hazardous operating environments


Full Circle Network Management

Detectronic provides the most cost-effective and technologically advanced flow measurement system in use today! Focused on measuring, recording, and reporting and reacting to Depths and Flow Rates in waste-water channels, including sewers, storm drains and combined sewer overflows, as well as highways and land drainage monitoring.

When you specify Detectronic, you are entering into a partnership with one of the world’s foremost experts in Specialist Measurement Technologies, whose main products and services include:

  • Water industry expertise developed since 1974
  • Product design, manufacture and supply of flow and level instrumentation for sewerage networks
  • Specialist installation teams
  • Trained maintenance teams – routine and responsive
  • In-house data screening technicians, leading to catchment characterisation and understanding of network performance
  • Dedicated to the UK Water and Sewerage Utilities
  • Robust measurement solutions designed with embedded remote-communication technology at their heart (not as an afterthought)

Supply and Maintain

All Detectronic Waste Water Monitoring products can be specified, installed and maintained by our own highly trained field engineers, all of whom are employed by Detectronic.

Equipment Hire Service

All of these Waste Water Monitoring products are available for hire. Please email Detectronic for more information and current prices.

Case Studies

The following Case Studies are free for you to download. Please click the appropriate link below.

Heapham Lake and Severn Trent Water SSSI

High-tech alarm systems help protect sites of Special Scientific Interest.

Detectronic and Northumbrian Water

Performance and future engineering for trunk sewer at Australia’s Manly Beach.


Go to our CASE STUDIES section to view all our available Case Studies .

Watch our Predictive Data Monitoring Video here

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