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Understanding trade effluent characteristics

Trade effluent monitoring

Industrial water auditing and trade effluent monitoring help processing and manufacturing businesses stay compliant and save money!

Trade effluent monitoring: Are you disposing of large volumes of waste water to rivers, sewers or other water channels?  Detectronic can help you provide ACCURATE INFORMATION to address your site’s trade effluent monitoring and waste water disposal policies and procedures. Accurately measuring and understanding the volumes of water leaving your site – and knowing where it goes – will ensure that you remain compliant and could save you money.

This data can also be used as supporting evidence for IPPC Permit submissions for sites regulated by the Environment Agency.

Detectronic’s industrial and commercial waste water and trade effluent monitoring systems

  • Regular monitoring and inspections should be standard practice
  • Fines for polluting can range from £100 to £3,000,000
  • Jail sentences can be imposed on directors who don’t comply to consents to discharge
  • If you have or are working towards the ISO 14001 or ISO 50001 environmental standard, it is imperative that monitoring strategies are put in place
  • Accurate monitoring in near real time is available for separate buildings
  • Use knowledge gained to renegotiate your water disposal charges and maintain compliance
  • A wide range of manufacturing and process companies already save money using Detectronic monitoring systems
  • Measuring the quantity of effluent can be more difficult than understanding the quality of the effluent

You can also download the Datasheet here.

Waste Water and Trade Effluent disposal insert sheet.


Detectronic featured an informative insert sheet about waste water and trade effluent in the November 2016 issue of Process & Controls Magazine.

If you do not subscribe to this publication, please download your copy of the insert here.



Ensure that you are not one of those that gets caught out – take action now to stay compliant and save money. Talk to Detectronic today!

Depth Transducer Monitor

Detectronic’s MSFM Lite Depth Transducer Monitor is specifically designed to measure liquid level in boreholes, reservoirs and tanks. It is suitable for clean water applications and sites which are located in sewers or other potentially explosive atmospheres.

Download this datasheet here

Nationwide Users Include

Industries presently using Detectronic systems to monitor waste water disposal include: car manufacturing, chemical production, electronics, metals, rail, healthcare and food processing.

Other users include county councils, the Ministry of Defence and water utility companies.

Supply and Maintain

All Detectronic Waste Water Monitoring products can be specified, installed and maintained by our own highly trained field engineers, all of whom are employed by Detectronic.

Equipment Hire Service

All of these Waste Water Monitoring products are available for hire. Please email Detectronic for more information and current prices.

Watch our Predictive Data Monitoring Video here

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