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Monitoring CSOs helps prevent flooding and reduce pollution

CSO monitoring

In a combined sewer, wastewater from homes and businesses amalgamates with surface water and carries it to the treatment works. In periods of heavy rainfall, a combined sewer overflow (CSO) diverts excess flow to prevent flooding upstream.

The consequence of a CSO is that untreated wastewater is released into the environment, which could have an adverse effect on the environment, polluting rivers and streams and increasing the risk to human health.

Monitoring CSOs

Detectronic works with water utilities companies to monitor CSOs, helping to prevent flooding and reduce pollution. We use a combination of flow monitoring, level monitoring and near real time data analytics to delivery smart network monitoring solutions.

Flow monitors are placed across the sewer network to  help understand the performance of the network regardless of what is happening with the weather. The insight provided helps the water utility company manage their network and plan repairs and upgrades accordingly.

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Level monitors placed strategically around the sewer network and in combined sewer overflows, transmit level information, via GPS, to the Detectronic Data Centre, where it is analysed automatically, in near real time. If the water level at any sensor-monitored point exceeds pre-set parameters, then an alarm is raised to the appropriate water authority. The authority then takes appropriate action to alleviate the situation.

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Event Duration Monitoring (EDM)

As a result of urban growth and changes to climates and landscapes the pressure on CSO’s is likely to increase. By understanding what is happening at a combined sewer overflow spill event, water companies can use the data to understand how the network is performing and influence sewerage planning activities.

By integrating EDM into CSO monitoring programs, water companies will be able to protect the performance of CSOs, address frequently spilling overflows and identify risk.



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