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The difference between auto spot sampling and continuous monitoring


Following increases in production, a large pharmaceutical company in the UK was at risk of breaching their trade effluent consent agreement on flow rates, daily volumes and COD loads.

The consent agreement permitted a highest flow rate of 11 litres/sec, a maximum daily volume of 672m³ and a COD load of 2950kg/day.

The company needed accurate data. If a breach of consent was proven, they would be liable to alter production methods, re-negotiate trade effluent consent terms, invest in water
treatment methods or face the possibility of fines and bad news stories.

Auto spot sampling at the site was indicating that the consent was being breached on COD.


  • Measure the flow rates, daily volumes and COD loads being discharged into the public sewer.
  • Identify if the company was in breach of their trade effluent consent agreement.

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