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The most cost effective, technologically advanced flow measurement systems in use today, the DET 5CM Fixed Site Flow Meter is designed for open channel flow monitoring applications.

It uses advanced Doppler technology to directly measure fluid velocity in an open channel, combined with an integral pressure sensor for determining the fluid depth. The meter calculates flow using the continuity equation as well as user defined equations and look up tables.

Multiple Interface Operations

With multiple interface operations and multi parameter logging, (such as pH and temperature), the DET 5CM flow meter provides a common platform for support control and data acquisition, allowing the user to report up-to-date information for compliance monitoring and process efficiency.


Applications include:

  • Inlet/Outlet to Waste Water Treatment Works
  • Open Channels
  • River Outfalls
  • Industrial Effluent Control and Compliance Monitoring


  • IS Certified ATEX Option
  • 4 Line LCD Back Lit Display
  • Full Programming via Local Key Pad
  • Low cost system integration
  • Remote GPRS communication option
  • Relay alarm outputs
  • 4-20mA I/O
  • Auto Sampler Pulse Output


  • Please contact Detectronic for full details of product specification.

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