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ATEX MSFM S2U GPRS Multi Sensor Flow Monitor

Detectronic’s MSFM Sewer Flow Monitor is a versatile Ultrasonic Doppler Flow measurement system, ideal for use in open channels or partially-filled pipes.

It offers accurate monitoring of raw sewage, industrial effluents and storm waters, with automatic GPRS data retrieval as standard and worldwide usage capabilities. The additional standard input accepts the Detectronic Ultrasonic Level Sensor for storm overflow monitoring.

Three Heads are Better than One

Thanks to its custom-designed antenna which improves signal sensitivity in underground locations, the MSFM123 records data from three sensor inputs. Information on the level, velocity and Aux Level (CSO) readings can be taken at regular intervals between one and 60 minutes. This is then sent to a host computer via SMS or GPRS at a user-selectable frequency (typically once a day, once a week or once a month).

The ultrasonic level sensor uses patented algorithms to reliably determine the time required for the incident soundwave to reflect back onto the sensor, compensating for speed of sound change with temperature.

Intelligent Electronics

The MSFM Multi-Sensor Flow Monitor is able to optimize the measurement process for minimal power consumption. The area velocity sensor uses evolutionary Doppler processing technology to ensure accurate measurement.

Detectronic’s DetecDataPro software enables heightened levels of accurate analysis and alarms from the MSFM123 are re-transmitted to the relevant field-support staff via SMS or email.


  • Sensor 1. Velocity – Ultrasonic Doppler
  • Sensor 2. Depth – Pressure
  • Sensor 3. Level – Ultrasonic or Depth – Pressure (PTI)
  • GSM/GPRS Communications
  • Internal User Replaceable Li Cell 5 Years
  • High/Low Alarm Dial Out
  • Low power alarm
  • External Rechargeable Li-ion Battery-Pack

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