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Tuning flow, level and water quality measuring devices into a fully managed network


With the range of of telemetry options available from Detectronic, you can view and manage the data from your monitors wherever you are.

Our monitors and telemetry systems are widely used by water companies, industrial plants and process manufacturers for measuring and managing water flow, levels and water quality.

GPRS Data Loggers

Detectronic 2-Channel Data Logger Sensor Unit

Customer Portal

DetecDataPro provides users with access to their own monitoring data. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for the customer to see the information and its integrated structure means that you have multi-screen viewing options, making it easy to switch screen views.

Data Screening

Flow and Level Monitors generate alarms for high (or low) levels, normally associated with spill levels or other operationally monitored parameters. Not all alarms require an action, particularly those caused by rainfall events where are monitored CSO performs within its designed criteria.

Increasingly, Detectronic is monitoring pass forward flows to treatment and identifying if a CSO is performing to its original design criteria and agreed consent.

Current alarm settings are generally associated with a failure condition and cannot in themselves facilitate any intervention that would prevent flooding and/ or pollution.

The Detectronic data screening process:

  • Stimulates early customer interventions which prevent incidents from occurring
  • Eliminates alarms which require no further action
  • Filters false alarms caused either by temporarily abnormal hydraulic conditions (or spurious data)
  • Schedules Detectronic site visits to provide for robust data and customer confidence
  • Maintains high quality for data delivered – and system confidence
  • Develops an understanding of each site’s performance and trends

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