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402 “ACTION NEEDED” reports to Water Utility and MOD Clients.

Detectronic Live Analytical Reporting Systems

Helping to Manage Sewer Networks more effectively!

By monitoring the live data from its network of telemetered Flow and Level monitors, during the 12 months ending 31st December 2016, the Detectronic Data Centre delivered:

402 “ACTION NEEDED” reports to its Water Utility and MOD Clients.

The overwhelming majority of these were early-warning intervention reports where developing issues had been identified from the data and which were promptly dealt with by Network Management Teams. In 263 cases, these interventions prevented the occurrence of more serious network failure issues such as Sewer Blockages or Dry Weather Pollution events – improving our environment and saving money.

The remaining 139 reports related to identification of instantaneously occurring blockages which, having been rapidly reported and dealt with, either prevented or mitigated the negative operational and potential polluting impact of such network failures.

The positive outcomes are many and include enhanced protection of homes, businesses and the natural environment!

Each intervention report is sent to the respective client immediately so that their field service teams can head straight to the location of the problem to confirm and clear it. By dealing with reported blockages quickly and effectively, our utility clients are reducing sewer flooding and preventing polluting discharges – saving them £millions in regulatory compliance penalties, clean-up costs and wasted call-out charges.

Live monitoring of sewer networks 24/7/365 means our Data Centre receives a vast amount of data from thousands of monitors. The challenge when dealing with this amount of big data is revealing the useful data needed for informed decision making and that which can be safely ignored.


  • Drive down Costs
  • Improve Compliance
  • Increase Customer satisfaction



The many live Network Monitoring Services we provide for our Clients consistently deliver a positive Cost to Benefit Ratio (CBR) of +1:20 or more.

Detectronic delivers services which protect Brand Image and reduces the risk of injurious costs associated with flooding, pollution and financial penalties.

 Detectronic Live Data Services  =  Intelligent Network Monitoring and Informed Decision-Making.

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