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Sewer Flow Monitor

msfm_s2_full_01Detectronic’s MSFM Sewer Flow Monitor is a highly versatile Ultrasonic Doppler Flow measurement system, ideal for use in open channels or partially-filled pipes.

It offers accurate monitoring of raw sewage, industrial effluents and storm waters, with automatic GPRS data retrieval as standard and worldwide usage capabilities. The additional standard input accepts the Detectronic Ultrasonic Level Sensor for storm overflow monitoring.

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Sewer Level Monitor

Detectronic MSFM LiteDetectronic‘s MSFM Lite Ultrasonic Level Monitor is specifically designed to measure CSO Combine Storm Overflow. It is also certified to ATEX Zone 0 and is suitable the remote monitoring of tank levels located in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Power saving technology developed by Detectronic means that it has up to five years of battery life – significantly longer and more cost-effective than traditional, mains-powered ultrasonic sensors and GSM/GPRS modems.

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rain_gauge_full_01This remote GPRS Tipping Bucket Raingauge incorporates a high quality robust, reliable, precision measuring device and Detectronic’s MSFM GPRS Data Logger.

These are integrated to provide a fully automated transmission of Rainfall Data to Detectronic’s remote hosting platforms, for example,

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AV Flow Meter

The DET 5CM Fixed Site Flow Meter is designed for open channel flow monitoring applications and is the most cost effective, technologically advanced flow measurement systems in use today.

It calculates flow using the continuity equation as well as user defined equations and look up tables. Combined with an integral pressure sensor for determining the fluid depth, it uses advanced Doppler technology to directly measure fluid velocity in an open channel.

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Heapham Lake Case Study

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Detectronic and Northumbrian Water Case Study

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