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Thanks for clicking through to this section of the website which is designed to help you to find out more about Detectronic, its products and real-time Network Monitoring. This is a robust, tried and tested, state-of-the art Sewer Network Monitoring system that helps Water Companies to predict blockages, improve operational network and prevent flooding and pollution.

1. Full Circle Flow Control

Meters, Monitoring, Analysis, Reporting and Management.

This is based on Detectronic’s ability to provide users with the complete Network Monitoring Package, which not only helps ensure that key environmental objectives are met, but helps improve complience, drives down costs and increases user satisfaction. The dedicated ‘Knowledge Overview’ page exlains in more detail.

2. Understanding the Network

Detectronic Data Screening gives users the ability to monitor their networks with confidence. Sophisticated data collection and transmission capability integrates with data monitoring analysis systems on site, which means that users can be sure that they will be alerted should water levels rise to potentially problematic levels. A visit to the Data Screening web page will enable you to see how the system works in more detail and when and how our all-important human interaction comes into play when needed. This means that, out of thousands of ‘alerts’ that may come in, you are only alerted to the few that prepresent a real threat of flooding or pollution.

If you haven’t yet had a look at the video, then please click this link to get the full picture. Please watch the video here.

3. Successful Data Harvesting

The way Detectronic collects and transmits data is highly innovative, totally reliable and forms a major part of our service offering. The illustration below explains more, but in summary, a GPS transmiter within the monitoring unit sends data signals back to the Detectronic Datacentre. Here, the data is monitored both electronically and by our skilled operators and if potential problems arise you are alerted to the situation without delay.

Data harvesting

To find out more, or to book a Detectronic demonstration or Workshop, just give us a call on +44(0) 1282 449 124. Alternatively, you can email us via this link and one of the team will contact you very soon.

The dedicated ‘Knowledge Overview’ page explains in more detail.

Thank you for your interest in Detectronic.



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