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Alistair Fimister wins Christmas Hamper

As a thank you to everyone who visited our stand at the Urban Drainage Conference in November, we gave away a model Detectronic van.

We then invited all Detectronic customers who didn’t make it to the Conference to request one, so that all ‘van owners’ could then participate in a competition to win a luxury Christmas Hamper. To enter, all they then had to do was photograph their model van in an interesting and perhaps unusual location and send the photograph to us. The sender of the best picture would then win a superb prize of a luxurious Christmas Hamper.

Our thanks go to everyone who entered the competition and we are pleased to announce that the winner is Alistair Fimister, of Northumbrian Water. 

His photo of the model Detectronic van caught the attention of the team and is posted on our our Facebook page. Alistair is pictured here with his prize.


Alistair’s winning photograph (above)

Some of the other entries we received:

2015 11 28_0063

“Atop a French Septic Tank!”

Top of the Rocks!

“Top of the Rocks!”

Hit a VW Beetle!

“Hit a VW Beetle!”

Stuck in the Sahara!

“Stuck in the Sahara”

My Car is bigger than Yours!

“My car is bigger than yours!”

Saharan Sprinter!

“Saharan Sprinter!”

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition!


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